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The C1 series

The C1 series is a gravity-fed dual-site handler, which can accomplish dual-site ping-pong test. The series is composed by four parts ,including auto loader section, linear rail section, test section and unloader section. With PLC controlling,it’s workable for several different IC package styles such as DIP, SOP/HSOP, SSOP. The C1 series has gained a good reputation from major users for the high UPH, low failure rate and high reliability performance.

1. Auto loader
2. Single auto unloader
3. Dual-site ping-pong test
4. 5 manual output
5. Friendly human machine interface
6. Simple operation steps


Package Style IC Width(mil) Style UPH(including 300ms test time Jam rate
DIP 300 C1D300 6500 1/5000
SOP/HSOP 150,300 C1S150,C1S300 6500 1/5000
SSOP 150,209,236 C1S150A,C1S209X,C1S236 6500 1/5000


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